Give a big welcome to Yzzy!

Well, he made everyone wait! but, Yzzy is finally here and is ready to welcome all the children who come to stay at Zafiro Hotels, making their holiday a one of endless fun! Yzzy is going to be  Zafiro hotel´s mascot and this very friendly koala will be entertaining all the children at our hotels throughout Mallorca and Menorca.

Yzzy the koala, a new friend to meet at Zafiro Hotels

From now on, Yzzy will be Zafiro Hotels’ mascot.  This soft and cuddly koala will welcome all the smallest guests on their arrival at Zafiro Hotels in Menorca and Mallorca. Yzzy is the perfect companion; funny, funny, friendly, with endless imagination and a great dancer!

But how did Yzzy, the Koala bear come to be here on our little piece of Balearic paradise? Well, our new mascot travelled all the way from Australia on a big pirate ship to Mallorca.  Whilst he was on this adventurous trip, he met the man from Zafiro Hotels and he decided he would love to stay to play with the children who visit Zafiro Hotels. As he is a Koala bear you will find Yzzy in shady corners in the gardens or dozing in a hammock. He loves to play hide-and-seek, stroll through the kids club and it is at night when his amazing dancing skills can be seen, to watch Yzzy dance at the Mini Club is a sight not to be missed!

Zafiro Hotels, designed with families in mind

Our hotels are specially designed for families with children, offering child care for the smallest members and great entertainment for the not so small,  lots of sport and wellness options means that each member of the family enjoy their free time as well as their valuable family time together.

At Zafiro Hotels, we specialise in family tourism which means that all of our hotels are designed so that everyone who stays with us, both adults and children alike, enjoy their dream holiday. We have everything needed to give the children a holiday filled with fun and adventure and while they are off having a great time with Yzzy at the Mini club or playing in the pool, the bigger members of the family can enjoy some “me time”; relaxing in our exclusive adult-only areas such as the spa or the Chill Out pool.

At Zafiro Hotels you will find the perfect balance between time for yourself and time for the family.  Enjoy a family holiday with all the comforts you could wish for and make your holiday unforgettable with Zafiro Hotels.

Our motto: ‘Freedom of Choice’

We understand how important it is to have to the freedom to choose and design your dream holiday because it is that luxury of freedom which allows you to get the most out of your holiday. This is why Zafiro Hotels offers all our guests the freedom to create their perfect holiday;  whether  it is families with children, couples, groups of friends, those  in love with the island or independent  travellers who wish to spend an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca or Menorca.

We have  12 hotels, which are 4*and 5*, to choose from; each hotel representing our company´s philosophy Freedom of Choice, all our hotels offer a wide variety of accommodation , special packages for families and adults with plenty of sport and  leisure activities to suit all ages.

If you are looking for the perfect hotel for your holiday in Mallorca or Menorca, then remember that Yzzy and the whole family at Zafiro Hotels are waiting to welcome you with open arms at our luxury hotels for families, all based in the paradise that is the Balearic Islands.

Get your skin ready for the summer!

In two months, the high temperatures will be here to stay, the days will be getting longer, and we’ll be swapping woolly jumpers and boots for summer clothes and sandals.

We all want great skin and, to ensure this, we have to take care of it year-round, but even more so in the months leading up to the summer. We want to give you some advice, so you get your skin holiday-ready.

Your body is your temple

A healthy diet which contains a good quantity of vitamins is essential. You can get your boost of vitamin C from oranges, red fruits, redcurrants, peppers, broccoli and kiwi which, in addition, prevent ageing. Let’s not forget to drink copious amounts of H2O as well!

Follow a skincare routine

It is important to wash your skin to eliminate impurities, to tone it with micellar water and to hydrate it with a cream designed for all skin types, both during the day and at night.

Apply sun protection to create a barrier against the aggressiveness of UV lights

Experts recommend applying sun protection all year-long, but in summer it’s an absolute must.

Exfoliate before and after summer to get your skin summer-ready

Eliminate dead cells, re-invigorate your skin and leave it clean and soft. Exfoliating also prevents ageing and activates circulation which, in turn, promotes oxygenation. And not only that: exfoliating also prepares your skin for tanning and beauty treatments.

Practice exercise regularly and improve your health

Working out provides nourishment and oxygen to the skin, it eliminates toxins and gives your epidermis a youthful and healthy glow.

Treat yourself to a day at the spa

Besides reducing stress and relieving muscle tension, there are specific treatments for cellulite and liquid retention aimed at eliminating toxins and toning and hydrating the skin.

At Zafiro Hotels, we care about your well-being; this why our hotels offer a range of local and international dishes made with fresh high-quality products.

At our Caprice Buffet, you can enjoy the healthiest fruit and vegetable and watch the show-cooking during which our fantastic chefs make personalised dishes right in front of your very eyes.

What’s more, our 5-star hotels, Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova, offer an exclusive programme called ‘Zen, Body and Mind’. Thanks to this package, you will relax and pamper your body, free yourself from stress and bad habits, and energise the mind.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Got plans for Holy Week? Experience Setmana Santa with Zafiro Hotels!

When better than Setmana Santa (Holy Week) to visit Mallorca and experience all it has to offer? Our island is the perfect destination for fun days away with the family. This year, Easter Holy Week is from 25th March to 1st April. It’s a truly wonderful time of the year and the sun and good weather are almost a guarantee!

In terms of leisure the possibilities in Mallorca are endless. Here are some traditional activities that take place on the island at this time of year.

Holy Week is synonymous with processions and these are organised both in Palma and the villages. Unique to the Balearic Islands is the davallament: the representation of the descent of Christ from the Cross. This takes place on Holy Friday and it is one of the most solemn moments of the week-long ceremony.

We suggest going to the davallament in Pollensa: what makes it so special is the fact that Christ is carried down 365 steps in total silence, each step representing a day of the year; it is then led to the church of la Virgen de los Ángeles in a torch-lit procession led by the brotherhood of the church. It is a truly unique cultural experience you will never forget.

If sports are your thing, then Easter time is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. We recommend golf as there are many courses scattered across the island immersed in nature and with spectacular views of the sea. At Zafiro Hotels, we offer special services for golfing enthusiasts. Zafiro Palace Alcudia, Zafiro Palace Palmanova, Zafiro Rey don Jaime, Zafiro Palmanova and Zafiro Tropic are specifically our hotels which cater for golf lovers.

Even if it’s low season and the temperatures are mild, you can still enjoy pleasant days on the beach with your children. Chill out while the kids have fun playing on the sand.

Easter also happens to be the time of year when the theme parks start to open again. You’ll find something for everyone here, with water parks, rollercoaster rides and zoos: enjoy a fun-filled day out with the family!

Zafiro Hotels offers an unparalleled range of sports and leisure activities and exclusive services to make your holidays truly unique. From organised activities designed to keep the children entertained to spas and sports for the adults… you are bound to find what you are looking for here!

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy Zafiro Hotels experiences!

Spring is upon us!

Spring is upon us and Zafiro Hotels have some unmissable ideas for you!

It’s no secret that the Balearic Islands are the perfect tourist destination all year round. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate mitigated by the gentle sea breeze, any time is a good time to visit our sun-kissed islands. However, if you’re looking for the best season to visit, then we recommend the spring: it’s warm but not sweltering, busy but not overcrowded, and the natural, rugged landscape is truly at its best.

At this time of year, you get to experience the traditions and customs of Mallorca in a different way: it’s not just about lazing on the beach; you can go hiking and immerse yourself in nature, wander through olive groves and vineyards, or explore the hidden trails and villages of the sierra.

Here are some of the best things to do at this time of the year:

  • Become a wine connoisseur: explore the many vineyards scattered across the island and enjoy a wine tasting or two;
  • Get lost in nature: there are many trails for you to explore, either on foot or by bike. The most spectacular ones can be found in the Parc Natural de s’Albufera near the Muro municipality or in the Sierra de Tramuntana. If cycling is your thing, then Mallorca is the perfect destination as it offers trails with varying levels of difficulty both along the coast or in the mountains.
  • Take part in the spring celebrations or visit the local markets: another traditional recreational activity in spring is to visit the different markets which are set up in the town squares. The markets are a truly unique way for you to discover local products and traditions. Many towns also organise ‘festes de primavera’, celebrations dedicated to the arrival of spring. On this occasion, each town decorates its plaça and sets up stalls which showcase local arts and crafts, produce and livestock.
  • Be a culture vulture: if history and culture are your things, then take the time to visit the prehistoric ruins, castles, caves and old streets of the island.
  • Tickle your taste buds: don’t miss the chance to enjoy local dishes prepared with fresh seasonal products. These include the traditional frit mallorquí, fried meat prepared with a range of fresh vegetables; pa amb oli, bread drizzled in oil and served with a selection of cold cuts (including the famous sobrassada mallorquina) and local cheeses; the porcella, oven-cooked suckling pig; and for the more adventurous foodies, caragols a la mallorquina, snails prepared Mallorcan style.

Let us pamper you with our exclusive Zafiro Hotels services, brought to you in the idyllic setting that is the island of Mallorca, a place where you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food, wine, nature and outdoor activities.

Come to Mallorca and enjoy spring with Zafiro Hotels!

The Walls of Alcudia

Alcudia, one of the most beautiful cities of Mallorca

Alcudia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful municipalities of the island, with more than 30 km of coast with varied landscape, beaches of fine sand and crystal-clear waters and impressive cliffs. But this time it is not its coastline that interests us we are going to take a look at the medieval walled city of Alcudia.

The city of Alcudia is an almost magical place with its medieval and Renaissance walls, cobbled streets and an atmosphere that fills every corner taking visitors back to the days of pretty Princesses in high towers and handsome Princes on horseback.  If you visit Mallorca, a walk around the old quarter of Alcudia to discover this charming city is an absolute must. Plus, if do you decide to visit, we would recommend going on a Tuesday or a Sunday which is when the Alcudia market is on, the market is busy and brimming with life selling souvenirs and typical Mallorcan products.

The walls of Alcudia, declared officially as an historic-artistic Site

The medieval walls of Alcudia are one of the biggest attractions of the city. Thanks to their excellent state of preservation and of course the very pretty and special historic centre inside the walls. The City of Alcudia is very different to its port area and it is ridiculous to even attempt to compare them but what they do have in common is the beauty they radiate, the coastline with its beaches and the walled city with its history.

The 3 original gateways of the medieval wall of Alcúdia are still in existence: The Porta del Moll, Porta de Mallorca and the Porta de Vila Roja as well as 26 towers were strategically positioned to provide security to the city against possible attacks by pirates and privateers who came to the North of the island.  Sounds like adventure tale doesn´t it? Let’s continue!!

After suffering and resisting several attacks, new sections were added. However, at the end of the 19th century part of the walls collapsed and the locals demanded protection of this architectural gem. Their efforts would end in 1974 when the walls were declared to be of Historic and Artistic Interest “Conjunto Histórico Artístico”.

When you visit the city walls you will understand why it is so important that this marvel is preserved so it can continue to be admired by the visitors who come to the walled city of Alcudia.

What to see at the medieval wall of Alcudia

If you want to visit the walled city of Alcudia, here at Zafiro Hotels we would recommend that during your visit you went up to the top of the walls to  contemplate this historic city from up high and catch the breath-taking views towards the Sierra de Tramuntana, stroll around Alcudia along Camí de Ronda, which is the road that circles the walls on its inside which is approx. 2.5km you can enjoy the view of the old town from the battlements, travelling back in time.

One of the most impressive parts of the medieval walls of Alcudia are its Gateways. As mentioned above, they were originally three, the Porta des Moll or Xara, the Porta de Mallorca or Sant Sebastià and the Porta of Vila Roja which has only recently been discovered.  Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself standing at one of its gates especially at Porta des Moll which still has the original portcullis, it will make a great souvenir of your visit!

Hotels from which to visit Alcudia

If you are going on holidays to Alcudia, in search of a quiet but lively atmosphere and if you wish to relax and spend an unforgettable holiday full of adventure and unique experiences, we would recommend the following hotels in Alcudia:

This luxurious five-star hotel is in the perfect spot to enjoy a holiday in Alcudia, set in the Port d´Alcudia and just a few minutes drive from the city, the hotel Zafiro Palace Alcudia is the perfect choice for tourists looking for a personalized service, exclusivity and would like to stay in a place where design and comfort are in complete harmony. In this complex both children and adults alike can enjoy activities, themed restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools for children and adults only,  jacuzzi and all the other comforts you could possibly imagine.

This hotel is in the heart of Port d’Alcudia is also just a few minutes from Alcudia City and only 200 meters from the beautiful bay of Alcudia.

From the Zafiro Tropic you can visit the walls of Alcudia, spend days on the beach and enjoy the life that fills   the Port d’Alcudia at sunset. At this magnificent hotel, you can also enjoy indoor and outdoor swimming pools and while the little ones of the family are having fun you can relax in the chill out pool area for adults only.