Menorca, a paradise of white sand

Menorca is one of the most charming islands, not only of the Balearic Islands, but also of the whole of Spain. White sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, Ibizan-style villages with romance in the air, the quiet but lively atmosphere of its streets, the terraces and promenades and all the harmony that surrounds the island have made Menorca Island the ideal destination for family holidays, couples and groups of friends.

In Menorca, there are a thousand hidden corners to fall in love with from idyllic coves to charming restaurants. Certainly, one of the things that you cannot afford to miss out on this island is the chance to watch the sunset from any of the headland and viewpoint points dotted along the coast.  Watching the sunset in Menorca from the beach or terrace or lookout with the perfect company whether it is a friend, family or lover or even a good book is one of life´s greatest pleasures.

One of the things that fill the city streets such as Ciutadella with life is the busy shopping areas and traditional markets which help us to immerse ourselves in the island´s traditions transporting us to a magical place where we can enjoy the typical foods, buy the local handicrafts and souvenirs, a place where we can stroll along the streets with the wonderful odour of the local Menorcan farm produce which floods the streets thanks to the wonderful sea breeze.

Menorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations among families and couples both in Spain and with countries like Germany, Italy and England.  The peace and tranquillity of the island makes it the perfect oasis to relax in and escape the daily cares and worries that comes with today´s modern life. Having said that in Menorca, you will also find some lively and popular promenades with restaurants and terraces full of life and beaches with very special atmospheres.

Holidays in Menorca

Who said that Paris was the city of love? Paris, New York or Venice… Menorca is love in its purest form!  Along with Formentera, Menorca is the perfect island for falling in love every day. So, if you’re planning a romantic getaway or long holiday with your partner then Menorca is the perfect destination for you and your other half to spend a few magical days pampering each other and being pampered and at Zafiro hotels we know how to pamper our guests; our hotel Zafiro Menorca in Ciutadella is the perfect hotel for couples, it is almost magical ensuring a luxury holiday, wellness and personalized care for the couples who are tempted to visit this beautiful island.

From the Zafiro Menorca  you can visit the emblematic points of the island, take a tour of the most beautiful coves of Menorca, stroll through the  streets  full of charm that seem never ending as one leads to another, take a walk through the areas with some of  the best atmosphere in Ciutadella and visit the traditional markets of the island. After a day full of excitement and new experiences  we  would recommend that you went to watch  the sunset from the beach or  one of the beautiful viewpoints on the  the island. The perfect ending to a perfect day with your partner in Menorca.

Menorca is also a family destination

Not only Menorca is famous among young people, couples and groups of friends it is also is one of the country’s most important family tourist destinations. Its wonderful safe beaches of fine white sand and calm waters along with all the necessary comforts for a magnificent day at the beach with all the family such as beach bars, sunbeds and restaurants and showers.

If you are coming to Menorca with the family the Zafiro Menorca hotel is the perfect hotel for you and your family. A hotel designed so that both adults and children alike can have an unforgettable holiday in Menorca, this tourist complex has 164 apartments, which have been  recently updated, indoor and outdoor pools with spa and jacuzzi areas.

Among the outdoor pools is a very special pool with a pirate ship and slides! Children will have a great time they can live a new adventure every day while you relax in the areas reserved for adults or simply enjoy a relaxing time for yourself and after a day full of family fun a themed dinner!

Book your stay at the Zafiro Menorca , the perfect hotel at just 8 kilometres from Ciutadella and a 15 min walk from the Paradise Beach of Cala Bosch.



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