Health & Wellness Holidays

Mallorca and more specifically the areas of Palmanova and Alcudia, position themselves as referents in health & wellness holidays. Zafiro Hotels has recently partnered up with Nomad Health International, a company specialized in the health & wellness field.  This association will position Zafiro Hotels as a referent in the health & wellness holidays, through their two hotels, the Zafiro Palace Alcudia and the Zafiro Palace Palmanova.

The association between Zafiro Hotels and Nomad Health International represents a solid bet for health & wellness holidays, where relax is related with wellness, and holidays are not only related to summer, but  to health and wellness as well, including healthy gastronomy, relax for the stress, sports and much more services focused on improving the guest health & wellness condition.

Zafiro Hotels and Nomad Health International integrate from this past February, through the two locations Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova, the perfect complement for health & wellness holidays through their brand new health & wellness programs. This association aims to boost the health & wellness tourism in Mallorca, positioning Zafiro Hotels and Nomad Health International as referents and pioneers in health and wellness holidays not only in Mallorca, but in the Balearic Islands.

Health & wellness programs available at Zafiro Palace Alcudia will be also at Zafiro Palace Palmanova, two perfect locations to enjoy health & wellness holidays this summer in Mallorca.

These two hotels, Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova offer a rich variety of health & wellness programs under the Zen Body & Mind name. Unparalleled seven and four days programs, specifically conceived to work holistically in body and mind, by teaching how to relax by learning mindfulness, enjoy sports and healthy nutrition among other services. The perfect combination of services to enjoy a summer wellness holiday in Alcudia and Palmanova.

Seven and four days Health & Wellness programs define the Zen Body & Mind approach created by Zafiro Hotels and Nomad health International.

From detox, to distress, weigh management fitness and sports, all of them can be already booked at Zafiro Palace Alcudia and from June at Zafiro Palace Palmanova. Both hotels feature a similar structure and accommodation options, the perfect places to relax this summer and enjoy a wellness family holiday.

The variety and quality of these health & wellness programs position Zafiro Hotels, through Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova as a referent in health & wellness holidays.

Wellness programs cover a variety of health and wellbeing topics, with the common aim to boost and improve the quality of life of the guest hosted at Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova, through a variety of treatments, therapies and services, scheduled once the guest arrives to the hotel.

All health & wellness programs are based on the 4 pillars, a conceptual basement of wellbeing:

The mental pillar is the key, and though services as mindfulness and coaching personalized sessions we help the guest to relax, relieve stress and maximize the results of the followed health & wellness program

The physical pillar is also delivered in all health & wellness programs, through Personal training services and sport routines which complement the mental pillar in order to relax and relieve stress patterns.

The nutritional pillar is core, a healthy nutrition provided by personalized organic diet is mandatory in every health & wellness program. Is not enough with helping the guest to relax by teaching mindfulness and sports, it’s also critical to council the guest in healthy nutrition, healthy gastronomy and healthy habits.

Last pillar corresponds to the passive therapies, where we include all those therapies and treatments delivered to relax relieve and detoxify the guest, enhancing the results of the sports routines, mindfulness classes and healthy nutrition.

These four conceptual pillars represent the essence of health and wellbeing, and they build up the wellness & health programs delivered at Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova, positioning Zafiro Hotels as the first brand in deliver such health & wellbeing programs as integral part of their offer, due to the association with the wellness company Nomad Health International.

Summer is here and Health & wellbeing holidays are already available at Mallorca, through Zafiro Hotels and its wellness partner Nomad Health International, with two unique locations, Zafiro Palace Alcudia and Zafiro Palace Palmanova.

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