The Weather in Alcudia

Alcudia has a typically Mediterranean climate, the temperatures are warm and mild during most of the year.  Even the winters in Alcudia are mild and cooler with lower temperatures, but always maintaining a pleasant average temperature which makes Alcudia an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday even during the winter months.

Winter and spring in Alcudia is mild and relaxed

In Alcudia we are lucky enough to watch the sun rise practically every day of the year, cloudy days in Alcudia are very scarce. Rain in Alcudia as well the rest of Mallorca normally falls during the winter and spring seasons but the rainfall levels can be very irregular changing from one year to another which means that one year we can have lots rainy days in the area, but the following year it might not rain at all thus increasing the risk of possible droughts, which can be quite worrying as most of the island is dedicated to the land, livestock and agriculture so sometimes we do miss the rain in Alcudia. Another reason for wanting to see the rain fall and this is just pure romanticism and that is because of the way the historic old town of Alcudia changes with the smell of the rain and the colours of walls change with the wet and the medieval buildings with their typical Mallorcan windows look somehow different in the rain.

So if it rains in Alcudia during your visit, we would encourage you to go and enjoy a coffee in one of the many charming cafés in the area or even relax in our hotel Zafiro Palace Alcudia until the rain stops and then go and stroll through the typical narrow streets of Alcudia. We are sure you will love it!

During the spring months, the temperature rises steadily and the beaches get busier with visitors walking along the shore or enjoy the first swims of the year. The waters of the bay of Alcudia are warm practically all the year round and that is why as soon as the sun rises and as the day warms up tourists as well residents like to spend days at the beach, practice aquatic sports or to rent boats to spend a pleasant day out on the sea.

Sunsets and summers on the beach

When the summer heat arrives, Alcudia is already full of life. Tourists and residents alike love warmth of the summer, July being the driest month of the summer, with long sunny days one after another. The truth is that summers in Alcudia are usually hot with high temperatures, but at night the sea and its typical sea breeze make the heat much more pleasant and refreshing.

In summer, during the day both residents and visitors make the most of the warm temperatures and sun rays by staying cool on the beautiful beaches of Alcudia, visiting wonderful hidden the coves in area and then at sunset cool off by having a refreshing drink on the pool terraces at their hotels or at on one of the terraces in the lively port of Alcudia.

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