How to prepare for the IRONMAN 70.3

Before You Start

When thinking about your preparation for a race as demanding as the IRONMAN 70.3, you must take into account one very basic thing: there are three different sports involved in the Ironman; a triathlon is a single sport with three distinct disciplines. In addition, it is also one of the most demanding tests of endurance there is and therefore needs months even possibly a year’s preparation.

It could be that you perhaps were originally a swimmer, cyclist or a runner which means to be a triathlete you will have to concentrate more on the other two sports at the beginning in order to get your skills up to the same level as your speciality but don’t worry this doesn’t mean your skills will diminish in any way you will still building up core strength and endurance.

We have to keep in mind that everything we do in each of the  disciplines, will result in benefits in the other two.

It is the variety in triathlon training that attracts athletes to this competition, the three disciplines of a triathlon are not equal so therefore the training is not equally divided between them and it is that motivates the triathletes training for the IRONMAN 70.3.

Cross training to avoid injuries

In planning the training schedule, we must keep something in mind is that we are talking about a very demanding competition that needs more than two months of preparation, with cross training we can vary the time and goals for each discipline to obtain the same or greater benefit, but at the same time reduce time and risk of injury. Despite what many believe, driving yourself to exhaustion every day is not the best way to prepare for career as an Ironman.

Consistency is important but you must know your limits

It is important that every day we set out a goal that is achievable thus avoiding demotivation and abandoning the training schedule in the middle of the preparation which is actually very common in this type of competition.

Maintaining motivation is critical, at the beginning, you start full of enthusiasm, pushing a little further each week one more hour on bike on the weekend, a few more metres in the pool, more miles running but with this you must be careful although it is great to beat our personal bests and achieve the weekly goals it mustn’t be to the point of exhaustion because this can lead you to abandoning your final goal, which is to complete the IRONMAN 70.3. So, set realistic goals and know your limitations.

Regenerate, Rest and Recharge the batteries

Rest is when your body can regenerate and recharge the batteries which means the rest days are just as important as the training days. One of the biggest mistakes made when preparing for the IRONMAN 70.3 is not to rest. However, our body needs rest, and our mind needs it too.  So, within the training schedule there must be one or two days a week of rest. A rest day allows for extended recovery, thus permitting the body to adapt more fully to a previous training cycle. Rest days also give the body time to refill glycogen stores, prevent overtraining and avoid mental burnout. Ideally, this day of rest should be organized after two hard training sessions.

Before the Race

The week before the competition, believe it or not, it’s time to rest. After all the preparation and the hard workouts, it is time to give the body a respite. This is the only way to get you 100% fit on the day of the race. So, by being in top form you can take advantage of all the training and resistance you have accumulated during the last months training.

It is also likely that during that week prior to the IRONMAN 70.3 you might be sleepier or feel more tired, you may even feel more bloated. Do not be scared, it’s a good sign. These feelings mean that our body getting ready for the day of competition. So, relax don´t be tempted into overdoing it and end up tired the day of the race. Remember to hydrate your body and allow it to replenish itself. so, when the day of the IRONMAN 70.3 arrives you are ready with your batteries fully charge to fulfil your goal of not only completing the race but the time you set yourself to do it in.

A Healthy Routine

The triathletes, amateurs and professionals alike, that compete at this distance have spent months in training as preparation for this test of endurance, covering kilometres in swimming, cycling and running every week for a year maybe even two in some cases but as well as the physical and mental preparation they have been following a healthy diet watching very carefully what they eat but eating healthy doesn´t mean you have to eat insipid tasteless food , the Mediterranean diet can certainly help with a healthy diet, making your diet for training much more bearable.

Eating to a schedule is very important and avoid prepared food and anything fried. Carlos Ramirez, the triathlete with the most Ironmans in Spain, recommends eating five times a day.

Another fundamental part of a healthy diet is hydration, during the training and the day of the competition our body loses a lot of electrolytes that we must replenish. It is advisable to drink 4 to 5 litres daily, increasing the intake in times of great heat.

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